"Like the jewels of a crown, they shall shine upon his land"   Zechariah 9:16


 Philippines - Iloilo

Ang Tulay is a journey with children of all ages who are experiencing grief.

The journey is long and we cannot rush the healing.

As a physical wound takes time to heal, so does a heart wound.

     It is hard to imagine the central Philippines decimated by Typhoon Haiyan, locally named Yolanda. In Nipa Bay, a small fishing village in Eastern Iloilo, they lost all their possessions. The magnitude of loss became very personal as relatives and neighbors shared with us what happened that fatal day. The families live next to the fishing village and their houses was damaged, it is still habitable. This is the place where PJM began its Ang Tulay outreach with PJM staff and young adult leaders. We only stayed for two weeks this time. We have been asked to return to continue reaching out to other affected communities; please pray with us for the timing and location.


Precious Jewels Ministry envisions vibrant and healthy communities where children are able to shine like the jewels of a crown:


  • Hospitals will listen to children at risk.
  • Children can be children... free to play and dream.
  • Families see hope for the future.
  • Communities join hands to nurture children



As a community of Christians, we seek to care for and support children living in difficult circumstances while at the same time affirming the role of the family in the child's care and development.



We respond to individual needs of children regardless of religious beliefs or cultural backround.