"Like the jewels of a crown, they shall shine upon his land"   Zechariah 9:16

East Africa - Uganda


Walking and Growing Together

     We are witnessing commitment and loyalty in the men and women PJM is training to become facilitators to train others in Ang Tulay; their sacrifice and passion is humbling! We are discovering the essential element of relationships in learning: "Withness". We have discovered the depth of the learning process taking place cross-culturally, with Jesus at the center of all our learning together in East Africa.


     We have experienced a 'Season of Firsts' in Uganda as we led Ang Tulay sessions for the 1st time with nationwide Preschool Teachers, the 1st with Youth Leaders living with HIV/AIDS and the 1st time with a Women's Cooperative from villages where every family has a loved one living with HIV.




The smallness of our PJM team provides a wonderfully dynamic time of learning with our Ugandan 'learning facilitators'! We have gained much experience together as partners. They are now asking us to help them reach the surrounding nations, troubled and in need of God's healing touch.






Precious Jewels Ministry envisions vibrant and healthy communities where children are able to shine like the jewels of a crown:


  • Hospitals will listen to children at risk.
  • Children can be children... free to play and dream.
  • Families see hope for the future.
  • Communities join hands to nurture children



As a community of Christians, we seek to care for and support children living in difficult circumstances while at the same time affirming the role of the family in the child's care and development.



We respond to individual needs of children regardless of religious beliefs or cultural backround.